A Pearl in Wine

by God's Unruly Friends

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Welcome to that which is More Real than Real


released October 2, 2016

Dawoud (sitar, sitar synthesizer, dilruba, bass, synthesizer 12 string guitar, flute, programming, vocals, and whatever else he can get away with).
Chenana Manno (vocals)
Jimmy Lopez (percussions.



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Dawoud New York, New York

Dawoud is a multi instrumentalist, composer, improviser, and leads the Mystic Ethno-jazz Electronica ensemble God's Unruly Friends.

Their music, a blend of east and west, acoustic and electronic, modern and ancient, seeks to transcend genre. Its primary concern is the psychoactive properties of music. It is a unique and beautiful musical experience.
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Track Name: Wild and Innocent
Wild and Innocent

She's a queen in her own realm
Wild and Innocent
He's a king standing at his helm
Wild and Innocent
They walked away from a world in ruins
Wild and Innocent
They're not insane, they know what they're doing
Wild and Innocent

Some say it's freedom they crave
Wild and Innocent
Most are content to be a slave
Wild and Innocent
And what about you as you stand at the brink?
Wild and Innocent
Yes, the hour is later than you think
Wild and Innocent

You are a queen in your own realm
Wild and Innocent
You are a king' so stand at your helm
Wild and Innocent
Walk away now from a world in ruins
Wild and Innocent
You're not insane, you know what you're doing
Wild and Innocent
Track Name: Twilight of the Idols
Twilight of the Idols

We evolve
Past idols
Past idols
We evolve
Truth needs no
No rivals

good has it done?
What have we won?
But freedom's begun.
Track Name: The Way Out is the Way In
The Way Out is the Way In

The way out
is the way in
When it ends
it all begins

The way in
is the way out
this is the truth
beyond any doubt

When the cosmos awakes
If ever she does
like the twin flame snake
she always was
She will find
her Lover possessed
many like her
drops in the ocean depth

The way out
is the way in
mirror and reflection are
identical twins
Track Name: Ride the Tiger
Ride the Tiger

Ride the Tiger (3x) – see what happens.

Look at it closer (3x) – Who are you know?

It's gonna happen (3x) – ready or not!

Ride the Tiger (3x) – see what happens
Track Name: Dervish Blues
Dervish Blues

My lover calls
From behind many veils
I reach with fevered longing
But my grasp always fails.
Like the ancient reed pipe
I wail and complain
And strain against phantoms
And promises vain

Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose
That's why we song the blues
Same old story you heard before, and know so well
You and I both know there ain't no other story to tell.

My Lover calls
And I must respond
My Lover is everywhere
We share a beautiful bond.
You know, the blues that we sing
Until we're dead or insane
As this merciless world
Insults our pain
Are a prayer we always need
No other way for us to be free

My Lover calls
Here I am.
Funny thing about the promised land,
It was always close at hand.