Renegade Sufi

by Dawoud

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released May 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Dawoud New York, New York

Dawoud is a multi instrumentalist, composer, improviser, and leads the Mystic Ethno-jazz Electronica ensemble God's Unruly Friends.

Their music, a blend of east and west, acoustic and electronic, modern and ancient, seeks to transcend genre. Its primary concern is the psychoactive properties of music. It is a unique and beautiful musical experience.
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Track Name: A Call to Peace
Ma'a Salaam, Ma'a Salaam

Let there be peace on earth
Let the Nations live as one
Let there be peace on earth
There's still work that music be done.
Track Name: Freedom
Freedom? Where we gonna find
Freedom? How we gonna find
Freedom? Where we gonna find
Freedom? How we gonna find
And what’re we gonna do when we get it?
Think for yourself.
But be like everyone else.
Look, but don’t touch.
Stand up for what’s right, but not too much.
Raise your voice, but be advised
The Revolution will be televised.
Stay connected, ‘cause you’re expected
To be politically correct.
Freedom? Where we gonna find
Freedom? How we gonna find
Freedom? Where we gonna find
Freedom? How we gonna find
And what’re we gonna do when we get it?
Being free seems nice,
But are we willing to pay the price?
For the freedom we say we want and need and promise not to feed our hate and greed.
But the seed is sown, the weed is grown, the chances blown, as we cry and moan.
Looking for our Final Solution, to all our political pollution.
But what about after the revolution when the powers that be are now you and me?
Will we face the truth about our case?
Submit to Allah, and respect the human race?
Or use our power every hour to devour from a computerized ivory tower?
Well, maybe it’s assimilation?
Revolutionary masturbation?
‘Cause the truth you’ll find will chill you to the bone
that political power sits behind the throne.
Just be careful we don’t end up a slave
to a false-freedom we convinced ourselves we crave!
I don’t know about you but I want to find truth in this would and peace of mind.
I want to be free as much as you; but what do we want to be free to do?
‘Cause it’s fashionable to be a pawn
as battle lines are being drawn.
Set up like a bowling pin: knocked down, nobody wins.
As we learn to hate one another.
You want to fight Big Brother, or be Big Brother?
You want to fight Big Brother, or be Big Brother?
You want to fight Big Brother, or be Big Brother?

Because on the day that the sky will be rent in twain,
The oceans will boil and swell,
The armies and empires will cower abased,
The moon and stars will fall from their place,
The babies will rise from their graves and ask for what crime they were killed,
And the heavens and earth will be rolled up like a scroll,
Then every soul
Shall know
What it has done with its
Freedom! Where we gonna find
Freedom? How we gonna find
Freedom? Where we gonna find
Freedom? How we gonna find
And what’re we gonna do when we get it?
Track Name: The Mathematics of Love
If Love is the answer, what question should we ask?
If truth we wish to find, can we face the task?
When you reach the next plateau there’s still so far to go.
What mathematics can measure Love?

Seeking timeless schools
To learn to be a Holy Fool.
Beware what you think you see,
Things aren’t what they seem to be.
Imitate the story,
And mistake the map for the territory.
What mathematics can measure love?

Seeking the Supreme
Is more than just a dream.
It’s ancient and brand new,
You won’t believe what waits for you.
Opposites are unified.
Comprehend and mystify.
What mathematics can measure love?
Track Name: The Sun at Midnight
Beyond light, beyond light
The sun at midnight
A place I've never seen
Foretold in a dream

Beyond light, beyond light
The sun at midnight
The mirror is clear
The goal is near.

Each step destroys the one before
A sign I cannot ignore.
Closer I come to the light
Of the sun at midnight.

I want to take You in my arms
My love is burning
Returning, returning,
Heartbreak, homesickness,
No difference can I see
Tears of separation compel me forward
More than love, more than wonder
The Path is engaged
Love and Jihad burn like fire,
But life would be cold without them.
Track Name: Silent Sanctuary
A candle burns in a window
Silent sanctuary,
A small universe holding its territory against the cold storm outside.
What secrets are held within this fortress of solitude?
What comforts and memories lay within this grotto?
An island against the maelstrom of this world.
I fear no storm!
No wind or cold rain scares me!
But when Allah gives me a home, even this momentary glimpse into a place of peace and rest,
I will savor it.
And yet;
What discomforts do now assail me that rend not the veil between me and The One?
What storm - tossed ship is not threatened to be ingloriously smashed against the very shore that promises kindness to human mortality?
Who am I to fail to recognize the honor bestowed upon me?
Surely, it is better to die in the open wilderness; this great and endless truth, indefinite as the Creator and made manifest in our earthly trials,
Than to perish in the treacherous slavery of mediocrity!
For in that great abyss, that endless and howling infinity, awaits theomorphic apotheosis!
Track Name: A Garden of Air and Light
Allah sang a love song
And you were the words
A lyric of lyrics
Never before heard.

Allah played a love song.
And you were the flute
An unendurable beauty
In my garden of air and light

Yes, you.
Track Name: Renegade Sufi
I am an oncoming tempest, sent to destroy your idols!
The whole world cannot contain my madness!

A tree falls in the woods and no one hears it.
Does it make a sound?
Of course it does, you idiot!
Why do you think that it wouldn’t?
Reality exists in and of itself.
It doesn’t require your validation!
The mind can only attach symbolic imagery to sensory impressions.
Yet we give it so much more credit than it deserves.

Someone once said to me
“Dawoud, you must have lost your mind”.
I said “All praise is due to Allah!
What would I want with such a thing?”